• Salonie Malhotra

Introducing Commleaf

Updated: Feb 7

All over the world, people are migrating towards ethical products made with plant-based materials. Especially in the Beauty and Cosmetics industry.

Here, at Glam Touch, we are always enthusiastic to experiment with new skincare products that make the environment and human relationship healthier.


Commleaf, a vegan friendly skincare Korean brand, loves nature and makes it’s best efforts to protect it. In fact, their brand name which is a combination of a leaf and a comma transmit the idea of a natural, peaceful environment. This nature lover brand’s philosophy and primary aim is to give it’s consumers the same relaxation and calmness we get from the natural habitat.

Commleaf skin care products are designed to address the 5 skin elements- anti wrinkle, elasticity, brightening, oil and moisture balance, and skin trouble. Their products are formulated from natural ingredients without harming the environment by strictly adhering to green grade standards set by US based institution, EWG.

Fear not, all their packaging is recyclable and eco-friendly, living their tagline ‘rises from nature and returns to nature’.


Brace yourself, the information we share next will have you, like us, jumping with joy and smiling from ear to ear.


We’re so excited to introduce you to this safe soft balm cleanser of EWG green level. Its soft texture transforms into soft oil upon contact with skin and it removes both base and color makeup effectively with no damage, as well as keeping skin moisturised after washing thanks to its natural ingredients.

It’s infused with Katekin, a powerful natural ingredient that helps acne and sebum control, while vitamin C, contained in abundance, prevents melanin pigmentation and reduces the appearance of freckles and blemishes for a clear complexion. Argan Oil extracted from argan fruit seeds grown in Morocco helps improve skin condition, Vitamin Tree Oil contains vitamin 200 times that of an apple and 5 times that of a lemon for skin recovery, and neroli oil to soothe the skin.

All you have to do is to take a topical amount on dry palms, massage in circular motions on dry face and wash off with lukewarm water. This Cleansing Balm is a winner in our eyes!


Then comes the Skin Relief Range to our rescue. This soothing line gives deep relaxation, naturally to tired skin.

Star ingredient, Biodtox provides protection from toxic pollutants, excellent hydration benefits and exfoliation care giving your skin a super smooth, soothing feel. Other herbal contents like Wholesome eco-friendly Tangering, Broccoli and Aloe Polyphenol are ideal food to make skin crystal clean and add hydration that’s perfect for turning a troubled oily skin into a happy skin.

There are Toner, Serum, Moisture Cream and Cleansing oil that contain no artificial colour or fragrance, giving a natural, protective shield whilst addressing the issues our skin faces due to environmental hazards and helps restore skin’s vitality.


Finally, we’ve saved the finest till last.

Rose Skincare range is powered by the passionate energy of red rose that is excellent for healing and adding the missing rejuvenation properties to your skin.

The bestselling Rose Sleeping Mask has the powerhouse punch of Rose Damscena Flower Water, Wild Flower Complex, Fructan, BSASM and Claming Complex that make sure to provide you baby soft glow, hydration, firmness and calmness for a life full of luminous moments (you get the idea).

This timeless gel type sleeping pack has a mild rose scent, 100% rose water extract-based formula that will leave you feeling nourished, radiant and of course with consistent use, rejuvenated!

This ethical, suitable for all skin type Rose Sleeping Mask is travel friendly and will beautifully fit in your tote bag, has this piqued your interest? If so, consider our recommendation and hop on to the Glam Touch Website to purchase your spa treatment at home with the unique products of Commleaf today!

At Glam Touch offices we’ve already filled our days with Commleaf Skincare products, and what about you?


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