A triple function serum mist (toner+serum+mist) improves fine lines and wrinkles, brightens skin and delivers important nutrients.


After the cleansing, the sudden loss of skin oil and moisture is prevented in 3 seconds to relieve dehydration and maintain skin balance. By using only pure vegetable oils such avocado and sunflower seed oils that do not block the pores, the D'ALBA PIEDMONT White Truffle First Spray Mist Serum moisturizes your skin deeply.


It is a spray-type product containing good nutrition ingredients for the skin- White truffle 0.3%, avocado oil, sunflower seed oil, chia seed extract, BIFIDAferment lysate and other ingredients that help to recharge your skin energy anywhere, anytime. 

No chemical ingredients such as surfactants are added, it is separated into the upper Oil layer and the lower water layer. 

Suiable for all skin types, even trouble, sensitive skin.

D'ALBA PIEDMONT White Truffle First Spray Mist Serum

  • After cleansing, shake well before use. Spray onto face from a distance whenever your skin needs refreshing


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