Finally, a luxurious balancing and cleansing toner that's perfect for oily and combination skin!

This multitasking product will hydrate and transform oily and combination skin to a balanced, happy state with a pH level of 5.6. This toner was curated for its highly effective balancing and brightening power and for its high quality, luxurious ingredients. It’s the perfect addition for daily pampering.


Preventing Skin Troubles

BHA ingredients gently remove dead skin and sebum such as whiteheads & blackheads to improve skin turnover cycle and prevent Waste from causing problems.

Anti Aging

Containing white truffle, it is effective for cell renewal, skin moisturizing and excellent for improvement of wrinkles.

Absorbing Quickly, Giving Deep Nourishment

Low-molecular PEPTIDE gives strong moisturizing, nutrients and elasticity, making skin smooth and firm. With small Molecular size it absorbs Quickly into the skin and has high stability.

Skin Tone Balancing Effect

Keeps skin tone even by preventing melanin pigmentation and contains 20 essential amino acids and minerals to give skin flexibility and elasticity.

Removing Sebum & Waste

Calamine powder is an effective ingredient for anti-inflammation, skin protection and soothing effects. It controls sebum Waste and dead Skin to keep your skin clean.


Free of alcohol, parabens, mineral oils, silicones, synthetic dyes and synthetic fragrances. Good for trouble, sensitive skin

D'ALBA PIEDMONT Peptide No-Sebum Balancing Toner (150ml)

  • After cleansing, pour small amount of toner onto hands or cotton pads and pat gently onto skin. Follow with your skincare routine (essence, serum, eye cream, then a moisturizer)

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