The History of Whoo's Gongjinhyang Seol line, a whitening range inspired by the luxurious beauty of south sea pearl, created to reveal luminously clear and brighter skin tone.

  • Gongjinhyang Seol Radiant White Balancer 20ml, with camomile and Hanbang formula as its main ingredient, the balancer enables you brighter skin tone and sleek skin
  • Gongjinhyang Seol Radiant White Emulsion 20ml, soft and moist oriental herbal Whitening Emulsion which keeps the skin clear, vibrant, and transparent
  • Gongjinhyang Seol Radiant White Essence 5ml, a pure and rich textured whitening essence, which is made by the precious medicinal herbal and secrets from courts from the ancient times. This manages dark skin blemish and help to provide balanced and transparent skin tone.
  • Gongjinhyang Seol Radiant White Moisture Cream 4ml, a cream that penetrates into skin in the form of water drops with tight adhesion to make it transparent and radiant with brilliance.
  • Gongjinhyang Seol Radiant White Intensive Spot Corrector 4ml, new secret ingredients for whitening, seolgamsan and chilhyangpalbaeksan, are included in the highly concentrated whitening product that naturally covers skin flaws such as freckles and spots. Apply a thin layer to area with blemishes.
  • Gongjinhyang Seol Radiant White Sun Essence SPF46/PA++, Lightweight sunscreen that expresses bright complexion with strong moisturizing effects.
  • Gongjinhyang Seol Brightening Peeling Gel 13ml, softly removes old dead skin cells, sebum, and waste without irritation to brighten skin complexion instantly.
  • Gongjinhyang Seol Brightening Cleansing Foam 13ml, oriental herbal whitening essence foam which removes skin residues with rich and fine foams.

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